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Sensitive Teeth Treatment and Causes in St. Paul

Do you ever feel pain or discomfort after eating soup or ice cream? If so, then there's a good chance that your teeth are sensitive. Tooth sensitivity can come from various causes such as food items being too hot or cold for the mouth to handle comfortably - this...

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Effects of Aging on Teeth

Aging is an irreversible process and as your body ages, so do your teeth. Understanding the effects of aging on your teeth can help you uphold proper dental hygiene and maintain your teeth’ physical appearance. In this article, we will discuss the effects of aging on...

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Ways to Getting Rid of Bad Breath from St. Paul Dentist

Do you have bad breath? Do people keep off when you speak, yawn or breath? Are you wondering what the issue could be? You could be suffering from bad breath, also known as mouth odor. Mouth odor is embarrassing and can be a life-changing event. It can distance you...

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Abscessed Tooth: Causes and Treatment

What is an abscessed tooth? A tooth abscess, or a dental abscess, is caused by bacteria that infects the roots of your teeth. This type of infection can spread to other parts in and around your body if left untreated for too long. A dentist should examine how far the...

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Top 5 Common Dental Emergencies in St. Paul, MN

A dental emergency is any dental issue that requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, relieve serious pain, or stop bleeding. It also includes any other severe infections that threaten your life. You should contact and see your dentist if you experience any of...

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Things You Should Know Before Getting Veneers

Your teeth are one of the best aspects of your body for you to take care of. Recall that teeth have been known to be physical beauty symbols, and people have been modifying them for years. However, not many devices have modified and enhanced the beauty of teeth the...

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