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Dr. Fredrickson is very nice and welcoming. They made a crown for my tooth in the same day! The technology there is incredible, and I highly recommend them. Thank you Chalet Dental for the excellent care!
– Semeca Rusnacko

Same Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns Near Me?

Advanced Dental Crowns & No More Impressions!

dental crowns, same day crowns St Paul Chalet Dental CareChalet Dental Care, here in St. Paul, offers E4D™ digital dentistry, the latest in advanced technology and convenience: complete color-matched porcelain dental crowns in one visit! This 3-D CAD/CAM system is similar to CEREC but in our opinion, better for the patient and the results of the crown.

E4D Dentist System: Uses laser scanning technology to capture the optical impression of tooth preparations. The laser technology eliminates the need to first dust patient’s teeth with titanium powder required for other digital impressions or CAD/CAM systems like CEREC. The E4D Dentist System also includes 3-D CAD software for designing the restoration, as well as CAM technology (milling unit) to create smooth restorations.

The Future of Digital Dentistry

Dental Crowns: How E4D Digital Impressions Work

With E4D, your old restoration or cavity is removed conservatively, then the tooth is digitally scanned to create a 3-D image. The digital image is perfected or customized to shape (Smile Design). A new surface is then computer-milled from porcelain that has been color-matched to your tooth. This complete, permanent crown is installed on the same visit, eliminating the temporary crown, messy mold impression, and second visit required with the traditional technology. Voila´a new tooth in one visit!

The benefits of a single visit restoration go beyond saving you time. Your final crown, filling, or veneer will result in a beautiful restoration that will provide the form, fit, and function you deserve. In contrast to conventional dentistry, the E4D Dentist System enables our dentist’s to:

  • SCAN the prepared tooth in your mouth with our high-speed laser scanner
  • DESIGN the restoration virtually with our 3D Dentalogic Software
  • SEND the information wirelessly to our in-office milling center
  • MILL the restoration with precision in just minutes using metal-free ceramic and composite blocks
  • CHARACTERIZE the restoration with natural tooth color and finally polish to a high luster

Then, your permanent restoration is ready to be seated in your mouth in the same appointment. E4D™ same day dentistry offers you the dental care you need and the convenience you want.


We understand you want the very best dental care possible, and you should, you deserve that. Our entire Care Team works hard to deliver this to you every single day – and at a fair price. [See Our Promise] Our skilled dentists provide comprehensive dental care and precision cosmetic dentistry; serving residents of Roseville, Como Park, Highland Park, Little Canada, and surrounding St. Paul communities. Call (651) 964-3519 today to set an appointment.


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