Need a relaxing experience at the dentist? Sedation dentistry can help put you in your comfort zone so that medical procedures are done with less stress and worry.

At Chalet Dental Care, we offer safe sedative options for all types of patients looking to get their teeth cleaned or fixed without fear!

You will get the best dental treatment which will leave you feeling good about your oral health, all from having skilled and caring doctors during your dental appointments. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons to consider sedation dentistry in St. Paul, MN.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

A prescription given to patients to relieve pain and stress during a dental procedure, to keep the patient calm and relaxed is called sedation dentistry. Through the use of specialized medication, this method leaves a patient unmindful of whatever the doctor is doing reducing anxiety but still communicating and remaining awake as compared to local anesthetic. Sleep dentistry is appropriate for the case of fidgety patients which helps the patient sleep during the procedure.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having sedation dentistry

1.      Overcome Fear of Going to the Dentist

By helping patients relax and feel happy during dental procedures, sedation dentistry makes them overcome the fear which comes with being around a dentist and their tools. This type of special medication brings patients a step closer to achieving their oral health goals, improving their quality of life so that they can always look forward to the next appointment. Sleep dentistry can also be used for patients who might have extreme cases of treating anxiety.

2.      Faster Dental Work

Nervous reactions and being put off by the fear of dental tools is called preventive dentistry which leads to extended periods of dental checkups, in turn lacking efficiency in service delivery. They can also lead to further injury especially with fidgety patients. With sedation dentistry, time will pass by faster helping patients receive better care.

3.      More Than One Procedure in One Appointment

The fear that many patients have of undergoing dental procedures may at times lead them to book multiple appointments for different dental problems.  This means that they get to experience nervousness more than once whereas more time and resources are wasted. However, with sedation dentistry, the dental anxiety a patient feels is canceled out and this helps you feel more relaxed so that you can be able to receive multiple procedures in one sitting.

4.      Change in How One Views the Trip to a Dentist

Patients have a fear of visiting the dentist which might be because of the previous encounters they had before or stories from friends that they have heard. After having a smooth and comfortable dental treatment at the dentist through the use of sedation dentistry, your perception of dental care will change. It leaves you feeling relaxed and you will have your problems sorted without any pain or stress. After successful procedures from us under sedation dentistry, your visit to the doctor will be a lot more pleasant, helping you achieve better treatment for your mouth.

5.      Makes it Comfortable for Patients with a Disorder or a Physical Problem

A patient may have sensory disorders or physical problems making it hard for them to sit still on the dentist’s chair during the whole procedure. Most patients with problems such as autism, mental disorders, and ADHD find a visit to the dentist unbearable. Having sensitive teeth and gums can also make dental treatment uncomfortable. The use of sedation dentistry is beneficial to people with these kinds of problems ensuring that they also receive the dental healthcare that they require in one visit to the dentist. Sedation can make them feel relaxed keeping them still throughout the entire procedure.

Sedation vs. General Anesthesia

As compared to general anesthesia that is used for serious surgeries which completely sedates you and makes you fall asleep, the use of other different types of sedation such as oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide keep you relaxed during the procedure. When laughing gas is administered during procedures, the effects may wear off with time prompting us to give you more. Nitrous oxide will leave you more aware than oral sedation. Talk to us during your appointment and let us know the best type of sedation that works for you to have a comfortable and relaxing procedure.

Ways to Prepare for Sedation Dentistry Appointment

These are the steps to be followed when preparing for a sedation dentistry appointment

1.      Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water a day before visiting a dentist

2.      Have an empty stomach as you should not eat any food 6 hours before your appointment

3.      Always have someone to bring you to the appointment who can accompany you back home

4.      Have comfortable clothes on

5.      If you have any prescribed medication before an appointment, make sure to take it

6.      You should not be sick before a dental appointment

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