Your smile is one of your most important features, and it is often the first thing people notice when they meet you. For this reason, ensuring that your smile is in its best possible condition is important. If for one reason or another, you have a chipped, broken, or damaged tooth, it may make you feel embarrassed when it comes to smiling. That is where our advanced and durable same-day crown technology at Chalet Dental Care in St. Paul, MN, comes into play.

In the past, your dentist’s office may have only been able to offer you the option of a traditional crown to help with your damaged teeth. This would have included at least two visits and a short period between visits where you would be forced to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown. With same-day crown technology, you no longer have to worry about making time for multiple appointments for your treated tooth or dealing with time constraints.

For a permanent crown that can be created and placed on the same day, contact our St. Paul, MN, dental office today. Our dental crown team is here to ensure you have the ideal smile you have always wanted.

What Are Traditional Crowns?

Traditional crowns are hand-crafted in a dental laboratory based on an impression sent to the location. The lab-created crown takes time, so the patient will need to wear a temporary crown for a short time while the traditional crown is being made.

Once complete, the (usually) metal crowns or metal fused to ceramic crowns can be permanently placed in the patient’s mouth. They will look exactly like your natural teeth and can be used to repair damaged teeth or anchor a dental implant post.

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Our same-day crowns at Chalet Dental Care are similar to CEREC crowns but better! Same-day crowns are created using advanced technology, including digital impressions and our in-office milling machine, so you can come in with your broken tooth and leave with a perfect smile. To fix your compromised tooth quickly and effectively, contact our cosmetic dental experts in St. Paul.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns with No Need for Temporary Crowns

There are various benefits to same-day crowns, especially compared to traditional ones. These advantages include:

  • Save time by only needing one appointment for the entire process to create your new crown.
  • Restore functionality to the area of your broken or missing tooth
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing ensure it matches your natural tooth and gum line perfectly.
  • No concerns about the weaknesses and discomfort associated with temporary crowns
    • Temporary crowns may become loose over time and cause an injury to other teeth, which may require additional dental work and another dental visit.
  • Reduce the drilling necessary, so more of your natural tooth structure is preserved.
  • Saving money out-of-pocket for a second visit and the temporary crown

At Chalet Dental Care, our dental team is happy to discuss the entire treatment process with you during your visit to ensure that you understand what will happen and what to expect.

Disadvantages of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Although same-day crowns have many advantages, they have a couple of drawbacks. These include:

  • Same-day crowns are made from ceramic rather than metal, so they are somewhat less durable
    • They can be just as reliable as traditional crowns if patients use the proper care techniques
  • If you may have a fracture below the gum line, it may not be detected by the computer-aided technology

Our dentist at Chalet Dental Care will discuss these concerns with you and evaluate if the same-day crown option is the right one for your situation.

Don’t Walk Around with a Temporary Crown! Call Us for Same-Day Crowns

If you need a dental crown and don’t have time to wait for two appointments, contact Chalet Dental Care to learn about our same-day crowns and schedule your next visit. Call us now at (651) 413-9150 to take advantage of our superior care in just one appointment!

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