As every parent knows, the health and well-being of their children are a top priority. This also includes the child’s teeth. Although very young children do not yet have teeth, it is integral that parents bring their child to a dentist for their first dental visit as soon as the first tooth appears in the gum line.

The American Dental Association recommends that babies get their first dental visit by 1-year old. While this may seem very early, children’s oral health must be taken seriously from a young age. Just because they are baby teeth does not mean tooth decay cannot occur.

During the first dental appointment, parents will be educated about the importance of their child’s oral health and how to properly manage the baby’s teeth’ hygiene. It also helps to get the child accustomed to the dental chair as early as possible, so they do not develop fear or anxiety about the family dentist.

At Chalet Dental Care in St. Paul, MN, we are a qualified healthcare provider for your child’s oral hygiene, and we are excited to be your child’s dentist. See one of our doctors today and find out how we can help your child with their oral health needs.

What Is the Right Age for a Child’s First Dental Visit?

As we have said, primary care physicians and the leading dental associations recommend that your child visits the dentist for the first time by their first birthday. It should certainly be within six months of the first tooth’s appearance. Chalet Dental Care ensures that you and your child have a pleasant experience during that first appointment, so your child is willing to return for future appointments without fighting.

Around their first birthday, at least one tooth should have appeared, and our dental team (dentist and dental hygienist) will help you understand how to care for baby teeth. We understand why many parents think our recommendation for the child’s age for the first dental visit is too young, but the sooner you bring him for early visits, the better off he will be.

What to Expect On Their First Visit

During your baby’s first dental visit (a “happy visit”), we will bring you and your child back to the treatment area and get your child settled into the dentist’s chair. Our team will take the child for a ride in the chair and then perform an oral screening, evaluate their oral tissues, and discuss their dental growth and development. Finally, we will discuss their risk for cavities and give you the information you need to prevent tooth decay in the future.

The child will get a full dental exam, gentle cleaning, and fluoride treatment for later exams. In general, your child may lay in your lap for the exam so that you can soothe him if and when the child cries. Our team must also discuss eating habits, early decay of a child’s teeth, and preventive services needed in children.

Preparing Your Child for The First Dentist Visit

The best way to prepare your child for their first dental appointment is to talk about dental health and the fun a child can have at a dentist’s office. Tell them what to expect, but do not go into great detail or talk about things that may not give them a pleasant experience.

It is important to tell kids about the benefits of going to the dentist and making sure they maintain their pearly whites (once they get them!). You could even try role-playing with your kid and make-believe that you are the dentist. Get them comfortable with the idea before the appointment.

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